The Parish Community of St. Kevin

Served by the Holy Cross Fathers

303 Niagara Street
Welland, Ontario  L3C 1K5


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Kevin's Conference


How to reach us:

Serving the West side of the Canal
by email:
by phone:
Serving the East side of the Canal

Reached by phone only.


Listen to the message.

When the message ends, if you wish to leave a message with your name and phone number, and special assistance you need, there is no beep...... just give your information.

Please do not call one of the churches for assistance from St. Vincent de Paul

Volunteers Needed

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, 51 East Main Street, is in need of volunteers.

If you would be able to give a morning or afternoon of your time to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please call Pat (store manager) for more information. 905-788-3413 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm)




Read attachment.

Knowledge is power!


Were you given a Form N12: Your landlord requires your unit, or a Form N13: Landlord wants to demolish, repair or convert your
unit? Have you been told to move because your landlord wants to renovate your unit?

DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!!! Call 211 first.

DO ASK to see work permits for renovation and repairs: is it necessary for you to move out? Are the proposed repairs
``cosmetic"? YOU CAN APPEAL THIS through the Landlord Tenant Board, with legal advice.

COMMOM EVICTION TACTICS used by landlords: not addressing disrepair; not resolving infestations; issuing `'bogus" eviction notices/harassment.

BEST COURSE OF ACTION: Keep written record of the dates of every request or encounter with Landlord. Organize with
the other tenants in your building, you're likely not the only one, decide on a course of action.

GET HELP: Call 211 and or Community Contacts:

Niagara Community Legal Clinic:905-682-6635

Community Care Housing Centre:905-984-8955

Start Me Up Niagara:905-984-5310

Port Cares Reach Out Centre:905-835-1914

Download and read the attached document for more information