The Parish Community of St. Kevin

Served by the Holy Cross Fathers

303 Niagara Street
Welland, Ontario  L3C 1K5

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Kevin's Conference


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Covid - 19 Update: April 23, 2020

At the present time, St. Vincent de Paul – St. Kevin’s Conference is still able to remain active and serve our clients.

We are doing so in what we hope is a safe and convenient method.

When a client calls for assistance, we make arrangements to make a home visit but instead of entering the clients home we deliver a food voucher to their mailbox or location for drop off that they have arranged with the volunteer.

The volunteer then calls the client or texts the client to tell them that the voucher has been delivered.  The volunteer then steps a safe distance away and waits for the client to open their door and take the voucher  from their mail box.

A wave, a smile, and a silent prayer later, the volunteer moves on to the next call.